The brand

Naïve was born as a free time brand, inspired mainly by the Mediterranean, where its creator spends most of his life, enjoying the beauty of its landscapes and places. The spirit of the brand is also characterized by being urban and cosmopolitan, the result of constant travel through European cities, which inspire its products.

Naïve has two collections a year, differentiated by season, Summer and Winter, in which each one has its main protagonist: socks in winter and swimsuits in summer. Both are complemented by a variety of products related to each season.

With this Naïve manages to have a perfect harmony for the whole year, creating a "from head to feet" that reflects the philosophy of free time, which for Naïve means fun and rest.

Naïve and sustainability

NAIVE's CSR Policy is firmly based on the sustainability of its business model.

Sustainability is understood as an offer of fashion products that strictly respects Human and Social Rights in the supply chain and complies with the most demanding environmental, health and safety standards, all based on transparency.

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